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  • Increased sales
  • Additional foot traffic
  • Additional income opportunities & options
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We pride ourselves on being a full service ATM company that includes ATM transaction processing, ATM sales, leasing, deployment, vault cash services, installation, monitoring, service and support under one roof. Valuable benefits of Alpha Card Service’s ATM program include:

Increased Sales

ATM Customers spend 30% of the money they withdraw from an ATM at the merchant’s business.  The average ATM withdrawal is $60, which means that an average of $12 to $15 is spent at your location. 80% of all Americans have an ATM Card and 60% of them use it an average of 8 times per month.

Additional Foot Traffic

An ATM gives your location a competitive advantage. ATM’s attract customers and encourage them to spend at your location. Research has shown that ATM’s typically increase sales over 8% per month at convenience store locations. 

Additional Income

Reduce your credit card terminal charges and gain money based on surcharge fees.

Alpha ATM Options

White label program. Full service replenishment and maintenance by Alpha ATM Services.


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