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Alpha Card Services Gift & Reward Cards icon - Alpha Card Gift & Reward CardsGift & reward cards to promote your business
  • Pre-paid cash flow
  • Build brand recognition
  • Electronic balance updates
  • Text & Email Marketing

Gift and reward cards were once exclusive only to large businesses, but Alpha Card Services has made them affordable for small and medium sized businesses. We offer a variety of gift card packages to fit your business needs. You may choose from a broad selection of pre-designed card templates, or have our in-house designers create your own custom card to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Pre-paid Cash Flow

Gift cards allow you to invest prepaid dollars back into your business. Gift Cards are the fastest growing form of non-cash payment in the United States, over $75 billion dollars annually and growing at double-digit rates. Additionally, customers generally spend more than the value that is stored on the card, encouraging increased sales. Many cards are often lost or forgotten, representing 100% profit.

Build Brand Recognition

Market your brand each time a consumer opens his or her wallet. A gift card acts as a miniature billboard, encouraging customers to enter your store and building customer loyalty.

Electronic Balance Updates

The balances on gift cards are updated electronically with each purchase and/or credit.  Gift Cards can also be re-used by loading additional value on the card.  Gift cards are great for refunds, as providing cash refunds wastes checkout time and, more importantly, decreases your cash flow.

Text & Email Marketing

Eliminate expensive printing and mailing costs while increasing sales with our gift card text messaging & email marketing program. Send message blasts to your customers, instantly notifying them of special promotions. You can also set triggers based on customer purchase behavior that will activate customized reward and coupon messages.

Alpha Gift Card Templates

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