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Alpha Card Services contact formAccept Credit CardsAs a business owner, you know it’s critical you give your customers as many convenient ways to pay you. When you accept credit card payments, you gain a competitive edge, maintain a positive image with your customers, and have the potential to increase your bottom line. Plus, when you accept credit cards your incremental sales potential is much greater, since your customers do not have to use immediate funds out of their checking or savings account to pay for your product or service.

When you accept a credit card payment, it helps your business thrive in the following ways.

The following are reasons on how accepting credit cards can help your business grow:

  • Larger Sales Volume: As a general rule of thumb, customers who make purchases with credit cards spend 2.5 times more on merchandise than those who buy with cash.

  • Multiple Payment Options: If you are a business that is credit card accepting, you are increasing the buying power of your customers. 

  • Ecommerce Credit Card Processing: Credit cards are the primary method of payment over the internet. If you don’t accept credit cards on your ecommerce website, you might miss out on a key sale.

  • Customer Impulse Purchases: Customers have a sense of freedom when using their credit cards to make unplanned purchases.

  • Increase Sales Volume: Accepting credit card payments can help your business see sales volume increases of up to 40%. 

  • Flexible Customer Purchases: Customers who pay with credit cards can make purchases whenever their need arises. 

  • Recurring Business: Customers who use their credit card, usually like to return to the place where they made their previous purchases.

  • No Risk: After credit cards have been processed and approved, you can be certain the funds will be there for you.


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